Plaino, LLC was formed in 2007 as a platform for research and development of audio and video software for desktop, mobile and internet applications.


Micheal Gieson - Founder

Responsible for all product development, engineering and customer care activities.

Mr. Gieson is a pioneer in his field and bagan developing web-based audio and video solutions in the late 1990's. Gieson created the first Wimpy™ player 2002 and started the phenomenal growth of Wimpy to its current market leadership.

Over his career Gieson has developed prototypes for mobile devices with FunMobility; Managed the build-out of the first-generation video portal with StudioNext, and established a web design division for Advanced Radio Telecom Corp (now FiberTower Communications).

Mr. Gieson's design career also includes experience as a Chief Creative Officer, Art Director, Computer Graphics Manager, and freelance web and graphics artist.

As a developer, Gieson has been writing code for over a decade using a variety of languages including: Objective-C, PHP, LUA, Javascript, & Actionscript .

Mr. Gieson holds a BFA in Multimedia from the University of North Florida and has been a teacher at the Art Institute of California in San Diego.


Jay Stark - President and COO

Oversees all marketing, business development, strategic initiatives, and operational duties of the company.

Mr. Stark brings over 15 years of experience in the new-media, data communications and service provider industries.  Previous to Plaino, Stark co-founded Broadstream Communications, Inc., (now Avail Media Inc) where he served as Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing and was responsible for all sales, marketing, product development, and customer care activity for the company.

Mr. Stark developed the product and marketing strategy for the satellite and fiber connectivity initiatives with Fisher Pathways; Served as director of market services for Civia, Inc.; And was the executive director of product and marketing for Advanced Radio Telecom Corp. (now FiberTower Communications).

Mr. Stark's telecommunications career also spans both RBOC and IXC industries where he served as group manager with US West (now Qwest), which launched the first RBOC interLATA data services following the Telcom Act of 1996.

Mr. Stark holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of South Florida and a Masters of International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.




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